Your Guide To Eating Plant-Based Food

Are you thinking of making the switch to a more plant-based, conscious diet? Well, you’re not alone. Plenty of people across the world are now understanding the benefits of consuming more plant-based food on a regular basis.

As the name suggests, a plant-based diet essentially involves eating more food that’s been derived from plants and cutting back on animal products, including dairy and meat. Of course, it doesn’t mean cutting back on meat entirely. There are several ways to make some little swaps and tweaks each day as you work towards a more sustainable way of life. Here are a few.

Snack on nuts

Make sure to incorporate nuts such as California walnuts into your daily routine. Walnuts provide plant-based protein (4g/28g), fiber (2g/28g) and are the only tree nut with a significant amount of omega-3 ALA (2.5g/28g). Not only do they keep you full, but they also work as a wonderful plant-based snack. Need we say more?

Use meat as a side

If you’re finding it difficult to stop consuming meat, you can try preparing it as a side dish instead of the main feature. While a curry or a hearty casserole can be the main, you can toss some meat into a salad on the side and top it with crushed walnuts for a nutritious boost.

Find meat substitutes

To keep yourself away from eating meat as much as possible, you can use meat substitutes. A blend of chopped walnuts and mushrooms is an excellent meat substitute because of their texture and unique taste, so experiment away!

Use oil or nut butter instead of butter

In recipes that call for butter, try using olive oil in its place for sautéing vegetables. Or use plant-based nut butter for a perfect spread on a toast or a great dip with your favorite appetizer. By making this healthy switch, you’ll not only add more plant-based food in your diet but also cut the saturated fat.

Make friends with fruits

If you develop a habit of eating fruits, it’s easier to stay away from snacking on food that may not be plant-based. So, introduce a fruit bowl to your kitchen. When fruits and veggies are displayed in an appealing manner, you’re going to consume more of them. Score!

There you go! If you stick to these points, they’ll eventually become a habit, and you will be one step closer to making a complete switch to a plant-based diet. Good luck!