3 Reasons To Add Walnuts To Your Shopping Cart For Overall Wellbeing

By Nmami Agarwal, Founder and CEO Nmami Life

Choosing easy ways to influence wellbeing is top of mind for many people today. Mintel, a global and award-winning Market Research firm even named wellbeing as one of its top three food trends of 2021. People have realized that food can be more than just fuel for the body. And are looking for food that has functional benefits for both the body and mind and walnuts are one simple source for a range of these benefits. Walnuts stand out as a great option when it comes to choosing foods that support overall wellbeing, especially immunity, and mental wellness:

  • Immune Support – Walnuts, as part of a nutritious diet, support immunity with a range of vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of vitamin B6 (0.2mg/28g) and an excellent source of copper (0.45mg/28g) and manganese (0.1mg/28g), all of which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.1,2,3 As per the FSSAI Eat Right During Covid guidelines, including walnuts in your diet helps maintain optimal immune function and good health. The omega-3 (2.5g/28g) in walnuts may enhance the function of immune cells, and protein may play a role in body’s healing and recovery. Walnuts are also a rich source of minerals such as zinc and selenium that helps reduce oxidative stress altering host response to viral infections.4While a healthy immune system can’t be achieved with one food alone, a balanced diet along with physical activity and regular sleep can certainly help.
  • Gut Health-A healthy gut microbiome has been linked to various health benefits that can strengthen the immune system, including reducing inflammation and supporting digestion and metabolism.5 Research from The Journal of Nutrition suggests walnuts may be a good choice for gut health because of their prebiotic properties.
  • Mental Health – Choosing the right foods can also help benefit mental and emotional wellbeing. Growing evidence suggests certain foods, like walnuts, may have a beneficial role in supporting cognitive factors like memory and mental health conditions such as depression.6In fact, one large study from Nutrients suggested consuming walnuts may be associated with a lower prevalence and frequency of depression symptoms among American adults.7

So, walnuts are definitely one of the ‘superfoods’ you should be adding to your shopping carts. Packed with plant-based omega-3, walnuts also offer protein and fiber that make you feel full and energized all day long. Adding a handful (28g) to your daily diet is a positive step towards making your everyday healthy.


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