California Walnut Trading


Handlers List

The California walnut industry includes over 4,800 growers and over 100 handlers (processors). For information on contacting a supplier.
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Quality Walnuts in India

Sizing Chart

California shelled walnuts are available in different sizes and colors. Description and size tolerances are based on the USDA Standards for Grades of Shelled Walnuts.
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Walnut Trading

Industry Guide

Sustainability for the California walnut industry must be economically viable for walnut growers to follow environmentally responsible practices and be socially acceptable by improving quality of life for growers, neighbors, consumers and the public.

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High Quality Walnuts

Food Service

With their unique nutritional profile and versatile nature, walnuts are best suited for the Food Service Industry. Walnuts from California have an excellent quality and are available in different sizes and colors to completely satisfy customer demands.

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Walnut Production Research

Food Safety

California walnuts are handled with great care and attention to bring our customers and consumers the best quality product. For more than a century, the California walnut industry has earned a reputation for producing the highest quality walnuts in the world while maintaining an exceptional food safety record.

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Healthy Walnut Recipes

Popular Uses

For popular uses of California walnuts.

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