California Walnut Production Research

About the research

Walnut production research goes back several decades. But the initial research depended a lot on the University of California system and interest of researchers. It was in 1971 that walnut industry joined forces with UC Davis to formally launch an industry supported production research program. That year, one project received funding of about $ 25,000. From that small beginning, this partnership has grown leaps and bounds just as the industry has and now more than a dozen projects totaling some $ 1.6 million are underway. These cover orchard management, entomology, walnut breeding, pest management, and so on.

The industry has benefitted from this partnership in a variety of ways, from having tools to address diseases and pests to better yielding varieties. Further, the California Walnut Board research endowment to ensure continued research into walnut breeding now stands at $ 2.9 million. Part of the ‘California Walnuts’ brand appeal has been consistent quality, and the production research program has certainly played a major role in that.

Over the years, production research has played an important part in providing practical tools to growers.

In sum, the walnut research program has been of invaluable help to growers by providing them with improved varieties with desirable traits, various options for dealing with disease and pests and better orchard management tips to maximize the production with optimum resource input.