50 gms iceberg

60 gms aragula

15 gms roasted California walnuts (8 pc)

30 gms Feta cheese (4 cubes)

8 gms olive (4 pcs)

50 gms green apple (1/3 of apple)

30 gms sundried tomato dressing

3 ml lemon

For Sundried Tomato Dressing

15 ml olive oil

30 gms sundried tomato

7 gms garlic

2 gms basil

5 gms honey

10 ml red wine vinegar

2 gms crushed pepper

2 gms salt

1 bay leaf


  1. For Dressings- In a pan add bay leaf, olive oil, garlic, and heat on low heat to infuse the flavors to the oil.
  2. Take off heat and keep aside. In a food processor, blend the rest of the ingredients except bay leaf together till it is coarsely ground.
  3. Take out in a bowl and add the flavored oil into it. Now in another bowl add the dressing, lemon juice and the salad leaves. Take it out in a plate and then garnish with feta cheese, olive, walnuts and sliced green apple.
  4. Serve cold