Easy Ways To Meal Prep With Walnuts While You Work From Home

Planning meals in advance aren’t just for the times when we were able to be out and about. There are many benefits to meal prep while you work from home as well. It saves your valuable time and allows you to be mindful about your eating habits. Making use of California walnuts – a versatile, nutritious ingredient – is an excellent way to start experiencing the benefits of meal prepping. Whether you use raw walnuts, pre-toasted walnuts, or seasoned walnuts, their uses are limitless. As we celebrate National Walnut Day on 17th May, we bring you simple and easy ways to plan your meals with these dynamic nuts that will help you get started on your meal prep journey!

Flavorful Toasts

One of the common complaints heard when people begin to consider meal prep is the amount of time involved. The idea of setting aside an entire weekend just to prepare a week’s worth of healthy meals, for example, is quite daunting. Luckily, you can utilize versatile ingredients to make each week’s meals much more comfortable to prepare. Walnuts are a good example. They are delicious and extremely versatile. If you toast walnuts ahead of time and chop up some fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, pears, or tomatoes, you can create a variety of easy sweet or savoury breakfast toasts to be enjoyed throughout the week. Making a delicious toast is as simple as topping your toasted bread with your favourite fruits/vegetables and crushed walnuts.

Sensational Salads

Did you know adding a handful of walnuts on top of your salad adds 4 grams of power-packed protein and 2.5g of plant-based omega-3 to your meals? Skip the croutons and chop up some walnuts instead. Not only are they a nutritious alternative, but they also add some delightful crunch! By chopping up fruits and vegetables and making a large batch of fresh salad dressing ahead of time, all you have to do during your lunch break is throw the ingredients together in a bowl and mix them up! Or to shake things up (literally), pack all the ingredients in a mason jar.

Flour it up

Add grounded walnuts to your weekly stock of flour—a great way to add a healthy dash to your rotis, bread, muffins and pancake recipes. With the goodness of walnuts, even a simple recipe can turn out flavourful and full of nutrients. Remember, walnuts are best when freshly ground, so make sure to make your weekly batches. When grinding, be careful as they turn into butter very quickly.

Smoothies with a Twist

Making a creamy protein shake or breakfast smoothie is a great way to kick off your day! If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding walnuts to your smoothie. Not only is it a fun way to switch up your classic recipe, but it also adds a unique texture and flavour to your beverage. Prep your smoothie ingredients over the weekend by chopping up various ingredients, such as berries, bananas, and walnuts, and placing them in the freezer. Using frozen fruit in your smoothie instead of ice will ensure your smoothie won’t taste watered down. And throwing a handful of walnuts into the mix will add a delectably rich, creamy and nutty flavour to your smoothie.

Incorporating nutritious ingredients such as walnuts, into your meal plan lets you enjoy great-tasting food without hassle and a huge time commitment. Their amazing flavour and versatility will allow you to create a variety of dishes that’ll help keep you full and focused throughout your day!