High Quality Walnuts

With their unique nutritional profile and versatile nature, walnuts are best suited for the Food Service Industry. Walnuts from California have an excellent quality and are available in different sizes and colors to completely satisfy customer demands. A well-established distribution system ensures that these products are quickly available all year round.

The Indian Food and Beverage (F&B) Services industry is one of the most vibrant industries to witness rapid and unprecedented growth over the recent past. In addition to the health benefits, nuts and dried fruits also carry rich emotional associations, making them one of the most popular choices in India. California Walnuts are heart healthy and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Considering the shift in the consumer eating trends to healthy, walnuts are widely accepted in the Indian Food Service Industry. California Walnuts have a sweet mild taste and a crunchy texture making them a multi-usage ingredient that can be used in recipes for all meal occasions. Not only playing the healthy substitute to unhealthy snacking options California Walnuts are also finding a place in the traditional Indian cuisine. With a powerhouse of important nutrients, delicious taste and satisfying crunch, walnuts offer unlimited versatility to a range of product categories from baked goods, desserts, confections and spreads/sauces to meat alternatives.  A lot can be created using walnuts and therefore many culinary professionals are experimenting with walnuts to create incredible recipes including salads, sauces, baked items and even main course delicacies.

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