Press & Influencer Luncheon- Delhi And Mumbai

CWC India organised exclusive California Walnuts Press and Influencer Meets in Delhi and Mumbai, marking the launch of our new campaign – Pure Gold. These gatherings brought together prominent food influencers and media personalities from both cities for an afternoon brimming with enlightening discussions, heartfelt conversations, and delectable food. Attendees engaged in meaningful discussions with Mr. Robert Verloop and Ms. Pamela Graviet, who shared their expert insights on the versatility, health benefits, unique origin properties, and the meticulous harvesting process that set California walnuts apart as the gold standard for taste and quality. Furthermore, the events featured a captivating harvest video, providing attendees with a glimpse into the beautiful and distinctive journey of walnuts – from tree to table. Both occasions boasted exclusive menus that showcased the versatility of walnuts, highlighting their ability to enhance flavors, add texture, and offer nutritional benefits across a diverse range of dishes.