Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Make This Mother’s Day One To Remember

Flowers are appreciated, but these ideas are sure to get you one step closer to being the favorite child – just saying!

Between lockdown and social distancing measures, much like last year, many of your traditional Mother’s Day plans – brunch at her favorite restaurant, shopping date, spa appointment, or a family gathering – may not be doable. But that’s no excuse to call off the celebrations. All you need to do is put your thinking cap on and look for more innovative ways to celebrate mom (and the other mom figures in your life) while still keeping safe and healthy. To get you started, we have curated a list of thoughtful ideas to surprise the leading lady of your life, whether you are together or apart.

Bring the fam-jam together for a game night

Get your whole family together, pick a traditional game online and make a night out of it. Whether you prefer housie, trivia, or card games, there are plenty of games on the internet that will ensure your virtual hangout is just as fun as your in-person one and bring a big smile to your mom’s face.

Create a one-of-a-kind memory jar

A gift is a way of expressing love, and nothing will say ‘I love you’ better than this DIY memory jar. Pen down some of the most cherishable memories you have made with mom on chits of paper and put them in a mason jar. On Mother’s Day, you both can sit together, read and relive those memories over a cup of masala chai. This memory jar can also serve as a pick-me-up for her when you’re away.

Breakfast in bed for the queen

Help your mom celebrate her special day in the most delicious way possible – with a lavish breakfast in bed that can double up as brunch too! Bring out some of the pantry basics – flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, and walnuts – and combine those with mashed bananas to whip up a delish stack of fluffy banana walnut pancakes. Vegetarians can skip the eggs and let the mashed fruit take the lead in giving this breakfast cum dessert item an airy and light texture. It is best served with a side of maple walnut cream, which involves blending together California walnuts, water, maple syrup, and cinnamon powder.

Explore an armchair travel experience together

While travel has come to a standstill amid these testing times, technology allows you to visit any place around the world in the blink of an eye. Get an up-close look of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, a legendary art museum in Paris, France; sight some of the big five in Africa’s national parks or watch history come to life at the marvelous town of Hampi in Karnataka. 

Clean the house!

We are not kidding! She has told you this 268262 times, and you know this is exactly what she wants you to do. Take a couple of chores off her to-do list and add to yours from this Mother’s Day onwards and give her a little extra time to rest.

To say that the past year has tossed a bunch of challenges at all moms would be an understatement. So taking time out and showing her some love and thanking her for all she has done for us through bonding activities like these is the least you can do. And lastly, please don’t forget to wish your leading lady a Happy Mother’s Day on behalf of California walnuts!